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Energy Changes Happen
How Many Types of Energy?
First Law of Thermodynamics
Heat Flows Through It
Energy is Everything
Energy Changes in Bows, Catapults, and Fleas
Energy Flows Through Life
The Great Energy Pyramids
The Best Definition of ENERGY?
Energy in the WIND
NEW! Wind Turbine Efficiency
INSOLATION! First page of
new Solar Energy section
What is Power?
The 2nd Law of Thermo:
All You Need to Know
Examples of the 2nd Law
Total Equilibrium and Heat Engines
Converting Potential to Kinetic
Photosynthesis Intro Page

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Energy Explained
Energy is in everything. It makes everything happen.

We buy energy, sell energy, eat energy, waste energy, talk a little about conserving energy, fight over energy -- and kids use it to chase pigeons. You can't understand animals, biology, physics, chemistry, electronics, volcanoes, or any field of science, engineering, or economics, without understanding how energy behaves.

At this website you shall become the enlightened energy know-it-all. The basics are here. The wonder is here. Who knows where this knowledge will lead you?

Follow the links on the left, and start exploring.
Educators can link to all the energy pages through this page and navigate from here. Just close each window when you're finished.

Things Change (Thanks to Energy)
Wind turbines in IllinoisEnergy is about change. Nothing happens without energy.

It can be transferred from place to place. It can change form - be transformed you might say. Every time energy moves or changes, something happens. Something gets hotter or colder. Something moves. Something falls, breaks, blows up, rusts, or crumbles to dust. Someone takes a breath, gets a thought, reads a web page and laughs.

To study energy is to study what happens when energy moves or changes. If you know the basics you can predict the future. We engineers do it all the time - and we're often right. When we're not, everyone knows about it, especially when things explode or fall with a bang.

Start exploring. Use the links in the left column. Close each page when you're finished with it and you'll be right back here. Or follow the links at the end of each page, to the next window.

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