Society and civilization was made possible and is still sustained by the engineering side of human nature.
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Thank an Engineer
(or Why Most of Us Can't Take Care of Ourselves)


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  Things aren't perfect, but they used to be worse...
    Doctors, lawyers, teachers, students, musicians, artists, lion tamers, biologists, physicists, accountants, politicians, professors, firemen, policemen, FBI agents, CIA agents, KGB agents, real estate agents, Modern tractors designed by engineers do the work it once took hundreds to do. movie tycoons, professional athletes (especially professional athletes), actors (especially actors), talk show hosts (most especially talk show hosts), and most everybody else, all get to do what they do because they are surviving off the excess productivity created by engineers. When it comes right down to the basics of survival, they're freeloaders. Somebody else is taking care of them - providing the food, water, and shelter they need to survive.

     How most of us got to be so "dependent" on other people is the fascinating story of this section. We are still talking about flows and changes of energy and matter. Only in this case, it is humans that have created and manage those flows. We humans have learned how to use energy to magnify our work output so that some of us can make a lot more of certain things than we need. The rest of us then don't have to make those things and have to do something else.
Confused? Start exploring.
The power of engineering.
One of the most powerful tools and weapons ever invented.
A locomotive designed by engineers allows a few humans to move thousands of tons of freight.
A small crew can haul a whole lot of coal with one of these.


Click on the picture below to see Doofty Girl who was not the first engineer on her planet.
Engineers are always looking for a better way.
"This is the way it's always been."

  Follow These Exploration Routes
     Here's a good story about the never famous Doofty Girl on an unknown world far away. She might have been, but was not, the first professional engineer on her planet.

Humans have taken an interesting and unique approach to providing themselves with the basics for survival — and a lot more. Visit the Survival Made Simple section.

The Engineers Made Me Do It
     In all of the above sections we will explore what engineering is and why it is so fundamental and important to the human species.

     It's the engineer part of the human brain that's really responsible for our freeloading ways. It's the engineer in us. Yes, we're talking about civilization. (Didn't you know that?) A bunch of people living together and not all doing the same things. We can thank the engineers for it. Or blame them, depending on your point of view. Though most of us wouldn't want to go back to the pre-engineer days.

     It is the engineer part of the human brain that has made civilization possible. Whether you think that's a good thing, a bad thing, or just a thing, it's important to understand what a huge thing it is. Many people do not understand very well how it works. It is not taught very much in schools — lots on science, but not so much on the practical application of scientific knowledge. That's what this section is all about. You'll be surprised what a fun and interesting section it is, even if you're not a nerd.

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