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  I don't really do links anymore - these are all that are left of the original links. Over the years they've sadly dropped away, one by one.
Killer Whale Biology       Lots here and in two languages - English and French.

Whale Net      Whoa! There is a whole lot here. Very good resource for educators.

Whale Songs      A resource for teachers, students, and whale lovers.

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Cetacean pages at the FT Exploring Site.
Diving with a Sperm Whale    Join Dr. Galapagos on a fascinating dive to the dark haunts of the sperm whale. Also find out some amazing facts about one of the most mysterious of the great whales.

Whale Bones     Do whales have bones?

Dolphins and Non-dolphins    An entertaining answer to the age old question, "Is a dolphin a whale?", with a great introduction to the wonderful world of taxonomy.

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