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Food Chains, Food Webs, and Energy Pyramids

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  Food Chain and Energy Pyramid Pages at FT Exploring Site - Other Internet sites below. We had to list our own pages first.
The Flow of Energy through Plants and Animals    An overview of the whole amazing system that starts with photosynthesis in the land and in the sea.

Energy Pyramids and More Food Chains    Photosynthesis critters in the ocean and other ways to visualize energy travels through the web of life (which was busy busy busy long before the web of the internet).
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 Food Webs - Food Chains - Energy Pyramids
    Trophic Pyramids and Food Webs     Sites for Teachers
A Deciduous Forest Energy Pyramid     Food Chains, Food Webs, E-Pyramids, E-Flows    
E-Pyramid and Food Web in Tundra Biome   Use links to see both pages     Ecosystem Ecology   Click on links for good pictures.    

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      Food Energy Pyramids    An example of the inefficiency (energy wise) of raising beef. But we love our steaks!    
The Flow of Energy in Ecosystems - Productivity, Food Chain, and Trophic Levels   Some good numbers.     More on Human Food Chains and E-Pyramids   Controversial to some, but part of education, and some good numbers.    
      Pyramids of Numbers   Visit other pages on related Ecosystem subjects.    
Tundra Ecosystem        Food Chains and Webs and More   Requires .pdf - Acrobat reader      
Pyramids of Numbers, of Biomass, of Energy and More        Food Chains and Food Webs        Return to Photosynthesis Introduction Page
Energy Pyramid and Ecosystem of the Taiga        Food Chains and Webs        Photsynthesis Link Page
  Interesting Facts About Food Chains   Energy Introduction Page
            Energy is Everything
            The First Energy Law
            Energy Flowing as Heat

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